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Stephen "Doogie" McDougal

Born in late 79, Steven McDougal has had many ventures. "Doogie" has an Extensive 12 year Background in Construction and Fabrication, but now works as an X-Ray Technician. Raised in a historic, and some say haunted area of Tennessee known as Big South Tunnel, his interest in the paranormal started at a young age. As an investigator, Doogie is determined and high energy with a unique awareness and a knack for finding new and interesting locations. He hopes to help others like him with unanswered questions about the unexplained. Doogie has labelled the residence he shares with his wife and son as haunted. Living in a home with this type of activity influenced him to study the paranormal and investigate unexplained phenomenon in the surrounding area. His number one desire is to find hard evidence and reveal the truth behind the unexplained, whether it be paranormal or not, to calm the fears of others and strengthen his knowledge in the field. His greatest fear is that the answers he might find may not be the answers he seeks.